The Sustainable Food System

Eato Ireland

Ireland’s Sustainable Food System

Eato Ireland’s mission is to grow the Sustainable Food System throughout Ireland by creating a community focused, secure, and healthy local food system.

It’s the global pilot of the Eatosystem – The Sustainable Food System, Eatoverse – Virtual Food System & Educational Platform, and their headquarters Eato X – Kitchen, Studio, & Lab.

Global Pilot

32 Counties

Community & Employee Ownership

The framework for Eato Ireland is based on a Community and Employee Ownership Model, the mission over a 20 year development period is whereby the Community and Employees will become the majority Shareholders of their County. 

The Sustainable Food System

Eatosystem, Eatoverse, & Eato Ireland

The Sustainable Food System is an integrated approach to education, food production, distribution, and consumption that seeks to maximize social, environmental, and economic benefits while minimizing impacts on the environment.

It consists of – Eatoverse, Eatosystem, & Eato Ireland


Sustainable Food System


 Virtual Food System

Eato Ireland

Global Pilot

Financed by TokonV

Pre-Seed, Seed to Harvest, & The V³ Fund

The roadmap to finance our Sustainable Food System consists of the following fundraising projects by TokonV.


The Clover Collections

Launching Soon

Seed to Harvest

The Seed Collections

Launching 2024

The V³ Fund

Values, Value, & Ventures

Launching 2025