The Lab at Eato X will provide a platform for scientific research and innovation in sustainable food systems. The lab will host researchers and innovators from around the world, working together to develop sustainable food practices that can be implemented globally. The lab will also provide a space for the development of new and innovative sustainable food products.


The Lab at Eato X will be a state-of-the-art facility that is dedicated to data-driven, human-centered research, and innovation in the sustainable food system. It will bring together educators, researchers, scientists, and innovators from around the world to collaborate on finding solutions to the challenges facing the global food system.

It will be equipped with the latest technologies and tools for conducting experiments and research in areas such as food waste, sustainable agriculture, and food preservation. Researchers will have access to a range of resources, including data analytics tools, innovative equipment, collaborative frameworks, creative prototyping tools, and AI technology.

The lab will also host workshops and training programs aimed at developing the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the challenges facing the global food system. These programs will be open to students, researchers, and professionals from a wide range of disciplines, including biology, chemistry, engineering, humanities, and environmental science.

In addition to research, the lab will also be a space for the development of new and innovative sustainable food products. It will be a hub for entrepreneurs and startups in the food industry, providing them with access to resources and support to help bring their ideas to market.



Overall, the lab at Eato X will be a critical component of the sustainable food system, driving scientific innovation and research, and helping to create a more sustainable and equitable food future for all.

Develop the Eatosystem – the Sustainable Food System.

Each week hold Eatosytem Workshops  with Guests.

Conduct research on sustainable food practices and technologies like organic and regenerative farming etc.

Partner with universities and research institutions to collaborate on cutting-edge food science projects.

Offer workshops and classes on sustainable food technologies for the general public.

Partner with schools and educational institutions to develop curricula on sustainable food and agriculture.

Host incubator programs for startups working on sustainable food solutions.

Host industry events like hackathons, pitch competitions, and innovation showcases.

The Lab takes on the crucial role of developing the Eatosystem, a comprehensive framework that advances the sustainable food system. Each week, we delve into a different element of the system, such as Elivery – Distribution & Renewable Energy. Through innovation and continuous improvement, the Lab team explores efficient distribution methods and renewable energy solutions that can revolutionize the food industry. Through research, experimentation, and collaboration with experts and thought leaders, we aim to accelerate the development of sustainable practices and create meaningful impact. 


2 X – EATO 

3 X – PREO

4 X – EATO X







The Lab’s efforts extend beyond internal collaboration. We actively seek engagement from local and international guests, including leading innovators and educators. By inviting these influential figures to participate in workshops and events, we foster a global dialogue on sustainable food systems. Their contributions provide fresh insights, cutting-edge ideas, and diverse perspectives, propelling the Lab’s efforts toward transformative solutions. Together, we strive to develop an Eatosystem that harmonizes sustainability, efficiency, and innovation, creating a blueprint for a resilient and thriving food system.