At the core of Eato Ireland’s mission to forge a sustainable, equitable, and nourishing future is a transformative program—Twenty X. This isn’t just another initiative; it’s a nationwide movement with the audacious goal of mobilizing communities across all 32 counties in Ireland. The vision is both clear and ambitious: to establish a network of 640 Community Ambassadors who will act as the driving force for change, innovation, and sustainable development.

32 Counties, 640 Ambassadors

The number 640 isn’t random; it’s a calculated choice. By recruiting 20 dedicated individuals from each of Ireland’s 32 counties, we aim to create a critical mass of change agents. These are “Our Community Ambassadors,” the pioneers of a sustainable revolution, each contributing their unique skills, perspectives, and local insights to a collective mission.

Local Focus, National Impact

While the initiative has a national reach, its true power lies in its local orientation. Each county will have its own group of 20 ambassadors, ensuring that the solutions generated are not only sustainable but also culturally and geographically tailored.


The Roadmap: A Five-Stage Development Strategy

  1. Recruitment: A stringent selection process to identify individuals who not only align with our vision but also possess the skills and enthusiasm to make it a reality.
  2. Orientation: A comprehensive training program to equip our ambassadors with the necessary tools, knowledge, and network.
  3. Implementation: Ambassadors will spearhead and oversee projects in their respective counties, in alignment with Eato Ireland’s overarching mission.
  4. Monitoring & Support: Continuous mentorship and resources to ensure the success and scalability of local initiatives.
  5. Recognition & Expansion: Celebrate the victories and prepare for the next wave of ambassadors, thereby creating a self-perpetuating cycle of community empowerment.

The Ripple Effect: Beyond the Numbers

The 640 ambassadors are more than just a statistic; they are a catalyst for change. Through their collective endeavors, we aim to:

  • Accelerate Sustainable Practices: From renewable energy initiatives to organic farming models.
  • Foster Community Unity: By promoting local ownership and active participation.
  • Shape Policy: By demonstrating successful, scalable models of sustainability.
  • Educate and Engage: Through workshops, seminars, and community events.

Be Part of the Twenty X Movement

Are you prepared to be part of a cause greater than yourself? Do you have the qualities to be one of the 640? Join us on this unparalleled journey to reshape the future of sustainability, one community at a time.


The Ambassadors: The Pillars of Twenty X

1. Local Farmers

  • Role: Advocate for sustainable farming practices and serve as a liaison between Eato Galway and the agricultural community.

2. School Principals

  • Role: Integrate Eato “County” into educational curricula and promote student involvement.

3. Local Chefs

  • Role: Champion the use of locally sourced, sustainable ingredients and create Eato “County” inspired menus.

4. Environmental Activists

  • Role: Lead community awareness campaigns on sustainability and environmental conservation.

5. Local Politicians

  • Role: Advocate for policy changes that support Eato “County” objectives.

6. University Professors

  • Role: Conduct research to support Eato “County” and involve students in the project.

7. Community Leaders

  • Role: Mobilize local communities to participate in Eato “County” initiatives.

8. Local Business Owners

  • Role: Offer sponsorships and partnerships that can financially support Eato “County”.

9. Healthcare Professionals

  • Role: Educate the community on the health benefits of a sustainable food system.

10. Local Journalists

  • Role: Provide consistent and positive media coverage for Eato “County”.

11. Youth Leaders

  • Role: Engage young people through clubs and organizations, fostering the next generation of sustainability advocates.

12. Artists and Musicians

  • Role: Use art and music to promote Eato “County”, creating a cultural connection to the project.

13. Tech Entrepreneurs

  • Role: Advise on technological solutions that can enhance the efficiency and impact of Eato “County”.

14. Sports Personalities

  • Role: Use their platform to attract a younger demographic and promote healthy, sustainable living.

15. Religious Leaders

  • Role: Engage faith-based communities in supporting Eato “County” mission.

16. Social Media Influencers

  • Role: Use their online platforms to create buzz and attract a wider audience to Eato “County”.

17. Retired Professionals

  • Role: Provide mentorship and strategic advice, leveraging their years of experience.

18. Veterans

  • Role: Engage with the veteran community to promote the values of service and community engagement.

19. Public Speakers

  • Role: Represent Eato “County” at public events, conferences, and seminars.

20. Philanthropists

  • Role: Provide financial backing and encourage others in their network to invest in Eato “County”.


Twenty X is not just an ambassador program; it’s a movement. It’s a coalition of visionaries, leaders, and change-makers who believe in the transformative power of community. Together, we are not just dreaming of a better future; we are building it, one block, one seed, one partnership at a time. Join us in making Eato Ireland not just a project, but a legacy.